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BTB e-banking for convenient payment processing

We have developed an electronic banking system that allows corporate clients to comfortably conduct national and international money transactions. You will be able to effectively manage payments and receive qualified assistance from Btoken Bank specialists in resolving any issues related to the banking activities of your company.

Flexible and convenient features of electronic banking:

Simple operation from a computer or smartphone

Automatic backup to update data

Various user settings

A variety of analysis and reporting functions for easy control

We make financial management as simple and profitable as possible

Electronic banking from Btoken Bank allows you to use a variety of business options, receive regular cash flow statements and plan your company’s budget efficiently.

How to start using electronic banking?

We enable business owners of any scale to greatly simplify financial and settlement management. To create an account on the BTB website, you need to:


Select the option “create an account”


Attach copies of these documents


Get detailed advice from our managers about collaboration opportunities


Get Verification Confirmation

Access from anywhere in the world

Internet banking from Btoken Bank makes it possible to conduct financial transactions from anywhere in the world. All you need to manage your funds is a smartphone or PC and Internet access. We provide customers with high-level remote service. Answers to any questions can be obtained online in real time. BTB erases geographic boundaries and enhances money management, see right now.