Order trust management of your assets - BtokenBank

Your capital is in the safe hands of Btoken Bank experts

The focus of Btoken Bank portfolio managers is on you and your individual needs. You can completely delegate authority for asset management to a personal consultant, and save yourself from minor worries.

Our knowledge is a tool to increase your capital

The modern financial market is becoming increasingly complex and rapidly developing, therefore, for a profitable investment, decisions should be made in the conditions of a huge flow of information. A personal portfolio manager will take charge of monitoring all events to provide data tailored to your individual needs.

Full control of funds

When transferring capital to trust, you reserve the right to control your funds. We will keep you informed of all the events and, if necessary, we will help reorganize the portfolio or change the investment strategy.

Collaboration Model

First consultation with the manager

In its course, the amount of your contribution is determined, as well as expectations regarding profits and terms of investment.

Creating an individual investment strategy

The manager develops the most profitable and reliable investment strategy based on your personal needs.

Presentation of the initial strategy

The manager provides you with a document that indicates the assets and the plan for implementing the investment strategy.

Continuous collaboration

You receive regular reports on the development of markets and your personal investment portfolio through selected Internet channels and in telephone mode.

The portfolio manager independently examines all possible prospects for investing your funds, conducts transactions without your participation, and, if necessary, reorganizes the portfolio. Forget about all the worries associated with capital investment using the trust management service from Btoken Bank. We know how to make the most of capital.