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Lending to individuals from Btoken Bank

Until recently, obtaining a loan involved a huge amount of time and effort. But with a Crypto Credit credit card from Btoken Bank, all unpleasant procedures can be avoided. Forget about collecting extracts and lots of documents, interviews with creditors and longing. We did our best to take the credit system to a new level and free our clients from bureaucracy.


To get a loan at Btoken Bank you need to create an account in a few clicks and order a Crypto Credit credit card. We will deliver it by courier, and you can immediately apply for a loan.


To do this, you must provide a minimum of documents: a copy of your internal or foreign passport and TIN. You can also attach other documents confirming your well-being. After that, the bank considers the possibility of opening a loan and its limit.


Btoken Bank customers can receive up to EUR 20,000 of a credit limit. The grace period is valid for 62 days. If the debt is repaid within the specified period and in full, interest is not calculated. The grace period is automatically updated subject to the timely payment of previous loans.