Choose suitable packages of services of the online crypto-bank - BtokenBank

Btoken Bank Service Packages for a Successful Investment

To get the highest possible return on your investment, you can take advantage of BTB's service packages. It is up to you to decide which way to choose - consultations and independent decision-making or transferring funds to professional management. We, in turn, will do our best to protect your contribution as much as possible and ensure a stable income.

Packet investment involves a full range of services necessary to receive benefits from deposits.

Package Advisory:

  • - opening a trading account;
  • - personal consultant services;
  • - development of an individual investment plan (several options are provided);
  • - analyst support;
  • - providing up-to-date market information according to your individual needs;
  • - technical support.

Package Trust :

  • - opening a trading account;
  • - development of an individual investment plan;
  • - trust money management;
  • - conclusion of transactions by the manager;
  • - trade insurance;
  • - round-the-clock consulting;
  • - regular documentary and oral reporting of transactions.

You can independently manage your money or entrust it to Btoken Bank professionals

Package services provide access to all the tools necessary for a successful investment.

We offer our clients comprehensive services, which allows them to invest profitably, respond in time to the slightest changes in the market and receive stable profits. Experts in the field of finance and money management develop individual strategies that you can use right now.