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Btoken Bank financial advisory services for your business

Want to protect your company from losses in the conditions of financial and economic instability? Take advantage of consulting services from Btoken Bank specialists.

Consultations are held in such areas:

  • current and strategic management of the financial and economic condition of the company;
  • financial asset management;
  • financial planning;
  • setting up a management accounting and budgeting system;
  • business planning, investment analysis and many other issues.

Internal Management Financial Consulting Services

Regardless of whether you created your business recently, or if it has been operating for many years, we will provide professional services for the organization of rational internal management.

Our experts will help you with any questions:

Organization of a rational accounting system

We will create a rational system for your business accounting and management accounting in compliance with all international standards.

Analysis of the financial and economic condition of the enterprise

Our experts will calculate the key financial and economic indicators of your enterprise, conduct a comprehensive analysis of its financial condition, taking into account all the features and needs of your business. Also, proposals for improving the efficiency of corporate financial management, improving the capital structure and improving financial asset management will be specially developed for you.

Audit and Consulting

This service allows you to identify and eliminate any errors in the accounting and reporting. Professional audit and consulting services of our specialists will help your company fully meet fiscal, audit and banking audits.

Consulting services in financial market activities

If your company has decided to conduct external financial activities, contact our specialists.

We will support you in various areas:

Obtaining Licenses

Our experts will provide documentary and advisory support for your company in obtaining licenses for financial and intermediary activities (brokerage, insurance, investment, etc.).

Attracting alternative sources of financing

We will analyze and consider all possible sources of external financing for your organization that the modern financial services market offers.

Asset hedging

BTB experts will provide reliable protection of your company’s property, bank accounts, investments and other property from losses and losses.

Formats of cooperation

You can order financial consulting services from Btoken Bank one-time or use the subscription service, which provides for the assistance of a personal financial consultant at almost any time.