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Btoken Bank Experience and Strategies

Our main resource is the intellectual base. Thanks to the experience of the Btoken Bank team, customers always get the maximum benefit from cooperation

Our achievements and history

2016 - foundation of Btoken Bank

The cryptocurrency world has just begun to gain momentum; there are only 20 digital coins on the market. Only investors and analysts know about this new direction, and only a few enthusiasts dare to work with digital coins, since the concept of crypto assets and blockchain is not too common.

Nevertheless, the creators of BTB Bank saw a serious potential in this direction. After lengthy research by a group of experts, analysts and crypto enthusiasts, one of the first cryptocurrency banks was created - Btoken Bank. The authorized capital amounted to 50 million euros, which opened up great opportunities for rapid development.

The bulk of the funds was used to create a stable financial foundation in the form of cryptocurrency investment portfolios, which included the most popular digital coins of the time. It was Bitcoin, with an average price of $ 450; Ethereum with an average price of $ 15; Litecoin worth $ 3.5; Ripple, which then fluctuated at the level of $ 0.0074, and other less popular cryptocurrencies.

Another part of the capital was directed to the formation of investment portfolios, which included the most stable assets of traditional markets: bonds, stocks, assets of the commodity market. These instruments were used to hedge risks associated with the long-term volatility of cryptocurrencies.

2017 - emergence and development in emergency conditions

This year went down in history with the fact that the value of Bitcoin soared to $ 20,000 on individual exchanges, and all other cryptocurrencies also showed rapid growth. Nevertheless, there is an old and well-known axiom of traders: “Sell what is falling, buy what is growing”. Since the BTB Bank team consists of professionals with tremendous experience, having seen such a rapid movement of quotes up, the bank switched to a conservative strategy of work and trading.

Part of the investment crypto portfolio was closed, and finances were transferred to portfolios to diversify risks. New investment strategies have also been developed for use in the event of a cryptozyme. The Bank has been actively expanding its partner base of liquidity providers, which provided an opportunity to withdraw assets at any time. In the conditions of market volatility in 2017, BTB Bank was able not only to obtain high profits, but also to maintain it, and in the future - it was profitable to reinvest.

2018 - the beginning of cryptowinter

A profitable and reliable investment strategy, which was used by Btoken Bank all 2017, made it possible to adequately survive the fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market. While the panic and hope that there will be no “crypto winter” swept the whole world, BTB Bank calmly watched the situation, because a conservative strategy and risk diversification portfolios had fruit.

In 2018, the bank significantly expanded its investor base: individuals increased by 48%, and legal entities - by 67%. BTB experts also began to develop investment strategies in ICO. Thanks to the “cryptozyme”, we were able to buy cryptocurrencies at the lowest prices, and form new crypto portfolios. Realizing that digital coins will develop, despite a short-term drawdown, by the end of the year the bank successfully formed dozens of new crypto portfolios and made effective investments in ICOs, which allowed increasing working capital and showing good results to customers.

2019 - cryptocurrency market growth recovery

The beginning of “cryptocurrency spring” led to the taking of serious profit on the portfolios formed during 2018. Since 85% of investments in ICO projects showed high profit results, Btoken Bank analysts began to explore new opportunities in this area. Since the beginning of the year, a methodology of investing in STO and IEO projects has been actively developed, which are known for an increased degree of security compared to ICO. Preparations are also being made for investing in cryptocurrency ETFs. Separately, they study and develop strategies for investing in cryptocurrencies from Telegramm and Facebook, which have every chance of becoming massive.

2020 - this year BTB Bank

This year, BTB Bank will pay special attention to state cryptocurrencies and coins from leading banking conglomerates in the world, such as JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. These organizations have already launched their own cryptocurrencies, but they have not yet been fully studied in order to actively work with them. Some states, including the Russian Federation, also plan to launch their own cryptocurrencies, which will be actively used in the bank’s investment portfolios, in particular for diversification.

It is planned to develop new investment strategies adapted to the requirements of regulatory legal acts, which should be adopted at the end of 2019. Also in 2020, active development of cryptocurrency derivatives is expected, which will be regulated by bodies such as the US Securities and Exchange Commission. This will enhance the level of security and profitability of cryptocurrency derivatives.