To get acquainted with the security guarantees of services from the investment - BtokenBank

Security of personal data and facilities

Carry out any financial transactions in your Btoken Bank personal account or through the application, and we will take care of your security and data privacy. Thanks to Blockchain technology, we manage to protect your account from unauthorized entry. No one has access to customer information or account status, even bank employees. A multi-level encryption and identification system ensures that unauthorized persons cannot read, intercept or request your personal data.

Transaction security

Blockchain block system has a lot of advantages, among which the key is the highest possible level of protection of participants' personal information and their means. We constantly raise and improve data encryption standards and use the latest intelligent technologies for safe and comfortable transactions.

Card Reliability

The name and surname of the holder is indicated on all cards from Btoken Bank. Data is applied by the method of embossing - by extruding the inscription, as a result of which it becomes voluminous, and the information is not erased over time.

SecureCode technology allows the bank to identify the owner when making any payments online, and protect funds from theft. It works as follows:


when calculating online for purchases or services, you enter your data in a special form;


a one-time password comes to the phone number that is attached to the card;


you enter it in the appropriate field to complete the payment.

The CVV security code is another security measure. Please note that you must not disclose these three numbers to third parties, they are used for payment on the Internet and are necessary to confirm that you are the cardholder.

Personal Data Protection

Btoken Bank employees do not pass on customer information to third parties and strictly adhere to the privacy policy. You can be sure of the reliable protection of funds and personal data. We do our best to prevent theft of information about our customers.

AML and KYC policy

We are actively fighting the legalization of funds obtained illegally and financial terrorism, therefore we comply with the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policy. It consists of a set of measures to prevent money laundering, in particular, KYC (Know Your Client), which translates as “know your client”.

Your safety is our responsibility

We invest hundreds of thousands of euros annually to purchase innovative technologies to protect against fraud and money laundering, as well as develop our own products. An integrated approach to the protection of our customers and their money allowed us to gain a reputation as a reliable bank in 12 countries.