Quickly and conveniently open an account in foreign currency - BtokenBank

Opening a corporate currency account at Btoken Bank

Open a multicurrency corporate account in the crypto-bank Btoken Bank, and take advantage of all the convenient financial management of the company. We made sure that you can make payments, transfers, payments and other operations in various currencies as comfortably as possible.

Why is it profitable?

The presence of the company in the international arena involves conducting cash transactions in various currencies. Btoken Bank makes it possible to use only one account for transactions in national currency, US dollars, pounds sterling, Japanese yen, euros and other popular currencies. Convert instantly.

Instant transfers and payments

Now the movement of corporate funds for your company will not be limited in time and space. By opening a foreign currency account with Btoken Bank, you can transfer any amount in minutes and at minimal cost. Payment of hospitality expenses and other operations are made from a PC or smartphone. To manage the company's funds from anywhere in the world, you only need Internet access.


The corporate currency account at Btoken Bank will allow you not only to simply, but also profitably conduct any transactions:

account opening



30 euro per month

deposit of funds

(commission may be charged by the payment system through which you will replenish your account)

Internet banking


SMS notifications

3 euro per month

currency conversion fee

from 0.5%


Prepare the documents indicated on the application form.


Get a foreign currency account number or reserve it if necessary.


Receive from our manager individual offers for your business and connect additional services.


After checking all the data, receive a notification to the email address or phone number about the opening for you of the ability to perform operations on the account.