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Insurance from Btoken Bank - protecting your business from any risks

In modern conditions, doing business is fraught with a lot of risks. Business insurance from Btoken Bank will protect your business from any force majeure. We made sure that corporate clients could use various types of insurance services and protect their company as much as possible from unforeseen expenses. Our task is to provide you with support in any situation.

Business insurance from Btoken Bank is:

Saving your time and money

Our experts analyze and select the best offers for your business

Flexibility and individuality of decisions

Each client receives services that are maximally adapted to his personal requirements.

Professional advice in any matters

You can contact a personal consultant at any time and get comprehensive answers to all questions regarding the insurance of your business.

Four easy steps to get insurance:


Choose the type of insurance necessary for your company, fill out an application for a request online to receive the best offers from our specialists


Explore insurance options that will be sent to your inbox.


Make your choice and, if necessary, get detailed advice from a bank specialist


Pay for the insurance policy online by card or make a transfer from a current account, and you will receive a ready-made document with all the necessary seals and signatures to your email address.

Insurance products for your business


KASKO insurance policy provides complete peace of mind while traveling by car. You can not worry about unforeseen circumstances causing breakdowns. KASKO will be an ideal option for those who want to protect themselves from unwanted incidents or have purchased a car on lease.

Corporate property insurance

This package of services allows you to protect both property and property of the company. You can prevent large financial losses in various unforeseen situations with insurance.

Liability insurance

Protect yourself and your business from unforeseen expenses in cooperation with third parties. Civil liability insurance involves compensation for damage caused to the health or property of third parties resulting from the actions or omissions of your company.

Professional liability insurance

This type of insurance policy will protect you and the employees of your company providing professional services from unforeseen expenses incurred by the company's customers or other third parties as a result of an error or negligence.

Insurance of all construction risks

A package of services that is necessary to protect property owners from material losses arising due to sudden or unforeseen physical circumstances during construction, reconstruction and repair work. Any physical damage or direct material loss caused to the insured property is compensated.

Cargo insurance

Each enterprise that encounters the transportation of products, equipment or other material assets can protect itself from financial risks arising from the destruction or damage to goods. Insurance covers transportation, transhipment and storage.

Business Travel Insurance

Ideal for companies that often send their employees on short or long trips abroad. You can count on medical, legal and other assistance for the entire stay abroad. Compensation is also provided for lost or delayed baggage, flight delays and other risks.

Worker Life Insurance

You can delegate the payment of compensation to your insurer in case of death, illness of an employee or an accident that has occurred to him. Also, the employer can take advantage of tax benefits when applying for this type of insurance policy. Your company can transfer any risks and unplanned expenses associated with it to the bank.