Cryptocurrency Bank Leaders and Board - BtokenBank

Our management

Chairman of the Board

Wolfgam Mayer (Germany)

Education: Frankfurt University, St. Gallen University, University of Chicago.

Chairman of the Management Board of Btoken Bank since 2016, has 12 years of experience in banking and investment. He regularly speaks at international forums and conferences, conducts active public activities, and is the founder of the international charitable foundation for helping children in developing countries.

Deputy Chairman of the Management Board

Arnold Steiner (Switzerland)

Education: Copenhagen Higher School of Economics, University of Cologne.

For more than 10 years he has been actively engaged in commercial operations on international commodity exchanges, has been the Deputy Chairman of the Board of BTBank since its foundation. An expert on the markets of developing countries, a participant in international specialized events.

Deputy Chairman of the Management Board

Elizabeth Johansson (Sweden)

Education: Stockholm School of Economics, Vienna University of Economics.

Specialist in managing the business segment of private clients at Btoken Bank since November 2017. General experience in the banking sector - more than 7 years. The author of scientific economic works, regularly gives presentations at international symposia and forums.

Chief operating officer

Andrew Grant (Britain)

Education: London School of Economics, London State University

He has been operating director since the founding of Btoken Bank. Experience in the banking sector - more than 10 years.

Deputy Chairman of the Management Board

Paulo Hall (USA)

Education: Stanford University, Sloan MIT School of Management

He has been working in the field of finance for more than 11 years, the total experience in TOP management is more than 7 years, he has been the head of the BTB finance department since the bank was founded. Securities Investment Expert.

Risk management director

Frederick Ulsson (Denmark)

Education: University of Copenhagen, University of St. John (USA).

Head of Risk Management at Btoken Bank since September 2018. Work experience in the field of security and risk management - more than 9 years. He regularly participates in international research, publishes scientific papers in print and specialized online publications.

Member of the Board of Managing Directors

Laura Perez (Spain)

Education: University of Seville, Entrepreneurship Development Fund Business School

Financier with over 8 years of experience in the financial sector. He has been a Member of the Board of Managing Directors at BTB Token Bank since 2016. Responsible for portfolio investment and strategic planning.