Apply for a business loan online without a visit to the bank - BtokenBank

Credit for online business - just a few minutes to get financing

Now you can not visit a bank branch, do not go through interviews with creditors and do not fill out a lot of paper forms. You can apply for a business loan at Btoken Bank online in just a few minutes.

Why is it convenient

Quick loan program selection

You enter data on your enterprise, purpose, amount and loan term in the application field, and get the best offers from our bank.

Customized solutions

We successfully implement standard and individual business lending programs, taking into account all the features of specific enterprises.

24 hour access

You can fill out an application at any convenient time, for this you only need a PC or smartphone, and Internet access.

No need to attend the department

We provide an opportunity to circumvent bureaucratic red tape. All documents necessary for obtaining a loan, you upload online, for their consideration you do not need to visit a bank branch.

Five easy steps to get a loan


Fill out an application specifying the purpose, amount and term of the loan.


Choose the most suitable option among offers from our specialists.


Download all the necessary documents yourself or use the help of the BTB manager.


Send a request for review.


Get a response to your request within 5-7 banking days.

A loan application is considered when the initiator meets the following requirements:

  • The borrower is a registered sole trader or legal entity
  • The period of conducting business operations of the enterprise is at least 6 months

Package of documents of the borrower:

  • constituent documents of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur
  • financial statements
  • business plan
  • collateral documentation

How to find out the result of considering a loan application?

You will receive information about the decision of the bank’s specialists to your email address or phone number, which you will indicate when filling out the application.

What factors may affect a loan decision?

Approval of an application for financing a business is carried out taking into account such factors as the initiator such as credit history, financial well-being, availability of collateral and guarantors and the degree of their reliability.

Is loan repayment possible early?

You can repay a loan ahead of schedule if the company has free funds. Please note that in some cases an additional prepayment fee is charged.