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Warranties from BTB - protection at the conclusion of large transactions

Btoken Bank provides its customers with guarantees - a popular type of financial instrument that guarantees the fulfillment of financial obligations during the conclusion of transactions. Here you can fill out an application online, and within 1 hour to get a solution on your request. personal data.

At Btoken Bank you can get such guarantees:

For advance payment return

They are issued to the contractor so that he can assure the customer of the expedient use of the advance payment when concluding the transaction. The maximum amount of such an advance is up to 30% of the total contract value.

To fulfill obligations

This type of bank guarantee is issued to the winning bidder before concluding a state contract. It provides for the obligatory payment by the bank to the beneficiary (customer) of a certain guarantee amount in case of non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the terms of the transaction.


Guarantees for securing applications that confirm the participation of only solvent companies in the tender. Thus, the customer excludes the option of allowing unreliable participants to the tender or the winner’s refusal to sign the contract.


Issued for customs duties and guarantee that the company will pay all payments


Documents that are provided to the tax authority and ensure the payment of tax payments.

Can you get the warranty yourself?

We have created the simplest and most understandable form for applying for a guarantee. You can step by step follow all instructions and make copies of the necessary documents. If you have any difficulties with the design, our specialists will help you online or by telephone.

How long does the warranty take?

The decision to provide a bank guarantee and its conditions you will receive within 1 hour after processing the request. After signing and payment, the document will be sent to your email address. The procedure most often does not take more than one banking day.