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Btbtoken bank cash management

Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs must strictly control cash flows in order for the business to be profitable. BTB Cryptocurrency Bank offers a full range of options for managing the funds of companies of various sizes. Opening a corporate account with BTB, you will get access to traditional and innovative services that will allow you to conduct financial activities as simple and profitable as possible.

BTB Services for Business

The official website of Btb Token bank provides a full range of services for the financial activities of large, medium and small companies.

Funds are managed through your personal account 24/7, you can perform operations at any time. Such options are available in BTBank:

Corporate Account Opening

Making Card Payments

Bank transfers

Online hospitality

Electronic banking

BTB cryptocurrency bank simplifies money management. You can monitor the movement of funds using a PC, smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world, for this you only need an Internet connection. On the Btb Token Bank website, you can get statements about transactions that have been made, which will simplify accounting. Open a corporate account to take advantage of business services and evaluate their benefits.